RAGDOLL KITTENS - current litters

Here we will publish information about our current litters. Choose the kitten that you like and follow its story.


  • PRE-BOOKING – it means that someone is interested in the kitten and we expect that person for a down payment. As long as the status is not changed to a new house, you can submit a request for the purchase of a kitten.
  • BOOKING - A pre-paid kitten awaits the reception from the breed.
  • OBSERVATION - We observe how the kitten grows and we evaluate its show features.
  • IN A NEW HOUSE – The kitten is sold.

In the event of a resignation from purchasing a kitten, the down payment is left with the breeder. If for some reasons we will have doubts as for the honesty of the client or the conditions where the kitten is to supposed live, or for any other reason we reserve the right to change our decision and refuse to sell a cat. In such a case we refund the deposit.