What are our Ragdoll cats like?

Ragdoll is an ideal family cat, calm, quiet, not showing signs of aggression. It gets closely attached to his guardian. It is perfect for homes with young children, seniors and beginner cat lovers. It feels very comfortable in the presence of other animals. Ragdoll tolerates loneliness very well, even an eight-hour separation. It often demands the attention of its guardians in a very varied but not obtrusive way, it demands the attention of its guardians in a very varied, but not obtrusive manner. It is an oasis of calm.

It is such an ever little kitten whose love to play does not pass as the time goes by. We are huge lovers of cats, especially ragdolls, which have always been with us. They grow up with children, live among us and are members of our family. Our cats accompany us in everyday activities. They are stroked up and beloved by us.

Kittens, which leave our house receive a valid medical record book. They are vaccinated twice and dewormed. Also, they receive a multigenerational pedigree and layette.

Breeding ragdolls is my passion, which drew me immensely into the world of cats. In our breed we pay a lot of attention to the proper nutrition of cats, their condition, fur and preventive measures.

Katarzyna Kowalczyk