Feeding Ragdolls

Feeding Ragdolls – a guide

Cats are carnivores and it is meat that should be the basis of their diet. An important role plays adequate dry food and fresh water, which should be available to the cat at all times and without any limitations. Additionally, we provide the cat with wet food or meat once a day. The best meat makes lean veal, beef, lamb and rabbit or poultry. Pork meat should be strictly avoided. When the cat reaches the age of one year we feed it with food suitable for an adult one.

After castration and sterilization, we feed them with food for the castrated and sterilized. You need to choose choose dry food, which do not contain cereals because they cause allergies and food intolerance and diarrhea. You need to remember not to abruptly change your cat’s food. You need to always mix it with the previous one, which was used, so that the change occurs gradually. It should be administered in small amounts and in a step by step routine, otherwise diarrhea may occur.

As a preventive measure, the cat should be given a hairball paste, thanks to which we will avoid formation of hair balls, the so-called hairballs in the stomach and digestive tract.