We buy a cat

We buy a cat – a guide

Each purebred cat should come from a breed registered in one of the 9 international cat felinological organizations. A cat that leaves our breed must be at least 12 weeks old. It is very important, since a younger kitten should not be separated from its mother.

Before a cat is introduced to a new home, it must be vaccinated and dewormed twice. Kittens leaving our breed must be microchipped.

The new owner of the cat gets a sale and purchase agreement. Also, the female cats get a medical record book or possibly a passport in case of a sale of a cat abroad, a pedigree and a layette. Anyone who decides to buy a cat “on the laps” should take into account the fact that the cat, which has not been intended for breeding, must be made unable to reproduce. The cat’s new owner is informed about the cat’s eating habits, customs and favorite games.